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Abdul Haseeb Zaidy – Advisory Board

Currently he is working as the Academic Head in Shaheen Academy. Formerly he was the assistant professor in Al- Falah University, Faridabad. He was also associated with Mandsaur University as a Lecturer. Since 2009, He has been involved in curriculum designing for pre-primary to higher education. He is a numerical cognition resource person for a number of schools where he is involved with curriculum building and providing enrichment and remedial resources in numerical skills using CPA (Concrete – Pictorial – Abstract) Approach, Bloom’s Taxonomy for the designing assessments of cognitive learning and engaging with students. He is extremely passionate about teaching and learning Mathematics. Now he is working on Educational projects like “Variation Theory “which has been adopted by Chinese mathematicians, Developing new teaching pedagogy (N-C-P-A-L) for Mathematics, Integrated Education system like STEM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Mathematics), Implementation of Problem- solving approach in Mathematics. Mr. Zaidy along with a team of dedicated trainers has a vast experience of conducting teacher- training workshops on Mathematics, Science, Literacy , Classroom Management , 21st century skills, Multiple Intelligence , Assessment System, Sports, Parenting, Curriculum designing ,Montessori system, Play way Method, Robotics Education, Coding Skill, Lesson Planning, Maths Lab Activity, Science Lab, Communication Lab, Foreign Language Lab, Art and Craft skills, Motivational Programme, Teaching Psychology, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia, Importance of Education etc. His academic contribution has been appreciated by several leading publishers like Pearson etc.