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CARES ( Community’s Aid and Response for Educational Support) This is an age-old system that Shaheen would like to revive during this crisis.The community centers, religious places like Masajid, Baitul mal, Temples and Churches can take up this project.

Our Activities

To listen to your child, as your child can pre-eminently express their own exigencies, flairs, aptness and interests.


Shaheen Kids aims to assist the child in procuring the social skills and self confidence which are essential to accomplish his or her own potential.

To provide an attitude of appreciation and understanding for the natural world in which we live.


Offering a base of critical thinking and creative problem-solving prepares children for flourishing future in school and beyond.

Shaheen Kids makes a rich learning atmosphere for children based on research and best practices.

Provide support for curriculum designing workshops & enrichment activities

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