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SEF is a non-profit organization committed to advancing brilliance in education by developing value integrated curriculum, by increasing public awareness and stirring community to invest on education. Our brain trust & thought leadership work covers education reform as well as commissioned research & reports. Shaheen Education foundation has been graciously shepherded by one of India’s well known educationist and philanthropist: Dr. Abdul Qadeer, who is being a founder secretary of Shaheen group of institutions, has initiated various educational projects in various parts of the country. Dr. Abdul Qadeer has been awarded by Highest Civilian Award of Karnataka, Kannada Rajyothsava Award for his yeoman services in the field of education. Shaheen campuses in Bidar are the cradle of education for 12000 thousand students. Since 2008 Shaheen has attained more than 4200 free Government seats in Medical, Engineering and other Professional courses setting a new record. Shaheen is ambitious to share its experiences and bring a change in the society, through Shaheen Education foundation.


Shaheen will provide a 60% Scholarship for each student.


Philanthropic Organisations are encouraged to reach out to the masses to collect the fund and help the meritorious students of their locality.


Accommodation and food were provided to the residential students at Al-Suffa


During COVID – 19 crisis, Muslims across India have stood in solidarity with the poor & deprived population by rendering exceptional services.


Temples, Churches, Masjids, and other religious organizations are encouraged to collect 40% of the Tuition Fee and select one or any number of student (economically deprived) of their Locality.

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