Shaheen Cares

A project to face the challenges after the covid 19 pandemic:

The situation:

The first and the second wave of covid 19 have badly affected the masses, particularly the middle class.
Now many parents are unable to pay the fee. This economic crisis will widen the gap between the students from the affluent class and the students from deprived classes. Better education facilities will be availed by the rich class and the students from poor strata will suffer more and will lose the hope of competing for admissions in professional courses and even a dream of completing graduation will be hurt.
So the Shaheen Group of Institutions have come out with a solution with community participation. This scheme is not to increase the admissions in Shaheen but to facilitate economically weak students. It can be adopted by other institutions. They can join hands with Shaheen to spread the concept across the country.

CARES ( Community’s Aid and Response for Educational Support )

This is an age-old system that Shaheen would like to revive during this crisis.
The community centers, religious places like Masajid, Baitul mal, Temples and Churches can take up this noble project. Not necessarily that committees of places of worship should do it. A group of youths or concerned citizens of the particular locality can form a committee for this purpose. But, better it should be channelised through places of worship. This is a fund in which people of the locality shall contribute by donating small and big amount. Even zakat amount can be contributed.

This fund shall only be used for paying fee.
– Fund shall not be diversified.
– How it will work:
Identify the economically deserving students or a Madrasa passed out, who has completed Hifz or Almiat and never gone to any school.
Sponsor these economically weak students by CARES fund. If the CARES fund of your locality is sponsoring any student to get education in Shaheen school or College, in Bidar or in any Branch of Shaheen,

Shaheen Foundation will help student by paying 60 percent of the total expenses and the CARES fund should bear 40 percent expenses.

Courses Under the Scheme:

1 . Shaheen College Bidar offers following courses : 1. 11th and 12th ( PUC ), Arts, Science and commerce. Science with integrated coaching for NEET and JEE.

2. Degree courses in Arts, Science and Commerce with UPSC coaching.

3. Special bridge course and PUC 1st and 2nd for Madrasa passed students. They will be admitted in grade 9th. This facility is for this Madrasa student who have never gone to school.
Come let us aim at helping poor.